March Art Gallery Highlights in London

Richard Prince, Untitled (Woman with Eyelashes), 1982-84

Two to check out this month if you are hungry for images. Two exhibitions of works on paper, photography and collage respectively, that turn the focus onto the medium itself. Two group shows that offer a historical foundation in dialogue with current art practices. Both key for their relevance in our image-saturated age and also for their serendipity in showing works from different periods by the same artists. Just a hint: See Barbara Kruger’s powerful shout-out large frames at Skarstedt and then have a peek of a rare-to-catch small collage at Luxembourg & Dayan.

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Condo 2017 Highlights

Bruce McLean, Installation view, CONDO 2017, Herald St hosting The Modern Institute and Tanya Leighton

After an intensive preview weekend of CONDO 2017 trotting around London art galleries, these are my highlights. On its second edition, CONDO 2017 brings together 15 galleries across the city hosting 36 international galleries. The event gives the opportunity to small and medium size galleries to exhibit in London for a fraction of the cost compared to participating at an art fair. This year established galleries Maureen Paley and Sadie Coles have joined the venture. I love the model of exhibiting primary along secondary market work, from the 17th century Dutch Golden Age to mid-60s, 70s and 90s’ works. What follows is my personal visual take. You have until February 11 to make yours.

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