Enquire about our bespoke programme of exhibitions in your offices, tailored to your company’s goals and identity. This is an opportunity to lead a message that encompasses your company’s objectives alongside a wider social impact.

IñigoArt can assist you in identifying your company’s needs and purpose to drive a valuable art initiative. Maximise the benefits by taking into account all marketing, PR, legal and financial considerations. Our services range across organising a well-defined programme of exhibitions with invited artists, starting a corporate art collection as well as managing your existing collection by giving it visibility and increasing its potential.


Choosing who you trust with your collection is a very personal matter. We help you tell your story because no two collections should be the same. The art you surround yourself with speaks of your personality, your travels, your quirks, your taste and desires.

You will save time and money and will enjoy every minute of the experience. Be as much or as little involved as you wish and surround yourself with art that speaks to you and about you.


Stock images and the so-so decorative is not for us, nor for you. Enjoy the convenience of art-procuring specialist knowledge and add first-class finishing touches to turn-key projects. We source artworks based on interior designers’ requirements and manage loans on behalf of property developers, including contracts, insurance, transport and installation.

We are so confident that we are on top of market trends and key happenings in the sector that if you let us know your budget, specs and style, our commitment is to deliver a proposal within 48 hours.

IñigoArt pulled together a fantastic proposal for one of our superyacht clients at very short notice. Marina captured the brief very well thanks to her comprehensive knowledge and extensive network of art galleries. I would highly recommend IñigoArt for designers and individuals looking for exceptional service and original ideas.

Melanie Coleman, Interior Designer

We approached IñigoArt with a selection of paintings and prints we had been offered by Modern European, American and Latin American artists. Marina was of fundamental importance on the decisions pertaining the purchase of a selection amongst them. Her advice was clear, honest and insightfull. She guided and informed us but let us take the final decisions. She demonstrated artistic and cultural appreciation as well as commercial knowledge. We would recomend IñigoArt any time and look forward to working with her again.

Maria Jose Casas, Private Collector

Our Service

  • Advise private and corporate clients on acquisitions and long-term collecting
  • Source artworks for interior designers
  • Manage loans on behalf of property developers and corporate clients, including artwork sourcing, contract, insurance, transport and installation
  • Collaborate with architects project managing site-specific commissions
  • Research, evaluate condition and sell artworks on clients' behalf
  • Arrange framing and bespoke display, delivery and installation solutions
  • Collection management: Inventory, condition report, overseeing restoration, storage and insurance
  • Organise private visits to galleries, artists’ studios, fairs and international events

Our Approach begins by sitting down with you to fully understand your art collecting aims, interests and budget. Based on the needs, IñigoArt Advisory will establish a strategy and a fee structure. We are committed to offer an honest and personal service, sharing contacts, knowledge and experience. IñigoArt Advisory will consider all the options in the market, including galleries, auction houses and artists’ studios and we will present you with a proposal.

We recognise the particular collecting needs of different clients. Private collectors may require visiting galleries and artist studios as part of the process before reaching their final choices. For HNWI and Corporate clients the curatorial aspects of a collection are as important as the legal and financial planning and we will happily work alongside your teams in order to prepare your collection for any eventuality in your family or your organisation. Property Developers and Interior Designers can enjoy the convenience of art-procuring specialist knowledge to add first-class finishing touches to turn-key projects.

Whilst planning and acquisition are the initial steps towards a collection with a reasonable potential of appreciation, collection management will truly help towards securing and adding value to your artworks. Cataloguing, installation, insurance, conservation, storage and, ultimately, understanding the best time to sell and through what channels, will enhance your art collection as an investment.