Contemporary Art Pilgrimages

Amangiri, Utah, Desert, Boutique Hotel

Cultural philanthropy is changing. Art collectors, patrons and a young generation of art lovers are curious and hungry for being in-the-know, for gaining direct and exclusive access to artist studios, eminent private collections, out-of-hours curator tours and attending the advanced preview of the preview of an exhibition. I enjoy the lot. However, the full potential of bespoke art engagement is greater. Art enthusiasts see art and culture as part of their lifestyle. They travel globally to see fairs, biennials and key exhibitions. It is only a matter of time that fatigue of content-spread-thin and lack of distinct experiences catch up.

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Artist in Focus: Diango Hernández

Diango Hernández, Cartas y Atardeceres, La Muralla Roja in La Manzanera, Calpe, Spain by Ricardo Bofill. Photography by Gregori Civera

It is back-to-school time and I would like to wave the summer goodbye in the gentlest way possible, featuring Cartas y Atardeceres (Letters and Sunsets) by Diango Hernández. The ongoing project exists online. The artist sources photographs of modern architecture and superimposes his characteristic graphic waves inspired by letters as a literary genre as well as actual letters from relevant personalities.

“This is a project proposal, a sort of collage. Something I am currently developing which involves buildings that I consider remarkable. Special places that my imaginary letters just activate.

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IñigoArt and Independent Collectors present ‘Collectors at Home’ video series

It is a pleasure to announce IñigoArt and Independent Collectors collaboration to present the video series Collectors at Home where I will be speaking to collectors in their residential setting. Collectors at Home is an intimate view into private art collections through the eyes of the personal force behind them, revealing their passions and motivations for collecting and living with art.

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7 Art Interior Design Ideas for the Office and Home

Milton Avery

My heart sinks when I visit an office or a beautiful home lived in by people with great interests and personality but with no art at all or maybe just some generic images or family photographs. Avoid the dull and vanilla. Live with soulful and bold art that speaks to you and about you. Scroll down for a mix of quiet and daring interior design ideas that I have encountered over time and which will surely inspire you.

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How to Buy Art Online in 4 steps

Raphael Fodde, Untitled, 2010

Next week I will be attending Art Basel. To compensate for the splendor-at-a-prize that is to come, this week I cover art that is accessible to all budgets. I am not a fan of labelling art as affordable because price should not be the main selling point. More often than not, what is presented as affordable is glorified-IKEA art, lacking interest and ending as pure décor bound to come out of fashion. However, there is a lot happening online that is worth having a look at because it is fun, innovative, sensitive, aesthetically mindful and it is a click away. I have hand-picked works which range from under £100 and up to £8,000. What is not to like?

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Four Rugs and a Big Dilemma

Ophelia Finke, Dakar, 2015 Rug detail

This week I am sharing a real dilemma. As a matter of fact, my dilemma. I am freshening up the living room at home and I have been looking up for a rug. I love textiles for the texture and character they add to a home. I don’t mind in what form they come: tapestries, upholstery, rugs or an interesting fabric scrap that has been framed to admire. I walk barefoot and the floor is dark wood so my starting point was simply a soft rug with a light background. Below are my options… Suggestions on how to untangle this one are welcome!

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Niloufar Bakhtiar’s Art Collection: “There are no rules. I think with art and the way you live, it is your own rule”

I meet Niloufar Bakhtiar Bakhtiari on the Monday after Frieze week. I thought the madness was behind me. However, as soon as she greets me into her Chelsea residence in London, she tells me she will be receiving for installation, during our interview, a piece she just bought at the art fair.

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A Certain Afterglow at SEEDS London

Prietto Russo, A Certain Afterglow, SEEDS London

Functionality and art’s use value bring art and design intricately linked together. The domestic and our relationship with art in lived environments implies that we surround ourselves with objects which inspire us and in turn give away our interests and taste. Without a doubt, art defines our identity. Also, in the most mundane daily activities like eating, seating or reading we can find joy, drama, glimpses of the surreal or, why not, peculiar challenges through the objects themselves that we use.

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