How to Buy Art Online in 4 steps

Raphael Fodde, Untitled, 2010

Next week I will be attending Art Basel. To compensate for the splendor-at-a-prize that is to come, this week I cover art that is accessible to all budgets. I am not a fan of labelling art as affordable because price should not be the main selling point. More often than not, what is presented as affordable is glorified-IKEA art, lacking interest and ending as pure décor bound to come out of fashion. However, there is a lot happening online that is worth having a look at because it is fun, innovative, sensitive, aesthetically mindful and it is a click away. I have hand-picked works which range from under £100 and up to £8,000. What is not to like?

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Four Rugs and a Big Dilemma

Ophelia Finke, Dakar, 2015 Rug detail

This week I am sharing a real dilemma. As a matter of fact, my dilemma. I am freshening up the living room at home and I have been looking up for a rug. I love textiles for the texture and character they add to a home. I don’t mind in what form they come: tapestries, upholstery, rugs or an interesting fabric scrap that has been framed to admire. I walk barefoot and the floor is dark wood so my starting point was simply a soft rug with a light background. Below are my options… Suggestions on how to untangle this one are welcome!

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Studio_Leigh commissions emerging artists: Catch them before they skyrocket

Phillipa Horan, The Bottom of the Butt Tastes Better after Wine (2015) Handblown glass, glass cigarettes

Studio_Leigh opened in September 2015. To celebrate the first year anniversary of one of the most innovative emerging art spaces in London, I am dedicating this article to revisit a selection of the gallery’s limited edition commissions. With a sharp eye, Studio_Leigh spots talent that you will be hearing a lot of in the future. Catch them before they skyrocket!

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Limited Editions: Starting your Art Collection

Rebecca Warren, Croccini (2014)

Purchasing your first artwork and starting an art collection shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. You may be well versed on what it is that you want but if you are not, that is ok too. This doesn’t need to be a life-defining moment with a clear path on what artists, medium or theme you are interested in. Have fun, follow some sensible steps and time will do the rest.

My top tips on purchasing your first artwork…

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