How to Buy Art Online in 4 steps

Raphael Fodde, Untitled, 2010

Next week I will be attending Art Basel. To compensate for the splendor-at-a-prize that is to come, this week I cover art that is accessible to all budgets. I am not a fan of labelling art as affordable because price should not be the main selling point. More often than not, what is presented as affordable is glorified-IKEA art, lacking interest and ending as pure décor bound to come out of fashion. However, there is a lot happening online that is worth having a look at because it is fun, innovative, sensitive, aesthetically mindful and it is a click away. I have hand-picked works which range from under £100 and up to £8,000. What is not to like?

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April Art Gallery Highlights: Richard Tuttle at Pace London and Modern Art

Richard Tuttle, Pressing Hole in the Head, VII, 2015-2016

Following two major exhibitions by Richard Tuttle in London in 2014, Tate Modern’s commission of a large textile sculpture for its monumental Turbine Hall and Whitechapel Gallery’s retrospective of the artist’s career from the 1960s, you can enjoy two new coinciding exhibitions until May 13th. The Critical Edge at Pace London and My Birthday Puzzle at Modern Art focus on textile and mixed-material assemblages respectively.

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March Art Gallery Highlights in London

Richard Prince - Untitled (Woman with Eyelashes), 1982-84

Two to check out this month if you are hungry for images. Two exhibitions of works on paper, photography and collage respectively, that turn the focus onto the medium itself. Two group shows that offer a historical foundation in dialogue with current art practices. Both key for their relevance in our image-saturated age and also for their serendipity in showing works from different periods by the same artists. Just a hint: See Barbara Kruger’s powerful shout-out large frames at Skarstedt and then have a peek of a rare-to-catch small collage at Luxembourg & Dayan.

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