Choosing who you trust with your collection is a very personal matter. Art collecting is about story-telling and identity. Our belongings reveal much about who we are and what we do. It may be a form of family heritage and legacy. It always is about individuality. To support living artists and to pay homage to past ones. To measure oneself against connoisseurship. To inspire and be inspired.

IñigoArt celebrates the genuine, the thoughtful, the risk takers and the taste makers.

The best part? We do not represent a specific group of artists nor have partnerships with a set of galleries. We are independent to advise you or your business on what truly is in your best interest. When you contact us, we have already started working for you. To give you the best and promptest service, we travel extensively to keep abreast of international art events and trends; follow auction results; attend studio visits with emerging and established talent regularly and we will conduct the necessary research to cater to your exact requirements.

Contact us and enjoy a complimentary consultation.

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IñigoArt Advisory

Marina Ribera Iñigo

+44 (0)79 8374 7180