April Art Gallery Highlights: Richard Tuttle at Pace London and Modern Art

Richard Tuttle, Pressing Hole in the Head, VII, 2015-2016

Following two major exhibitions by Richard Tuttle in London in 2014, Tate Modern’s commission of a large textile sculpture for its monumental Turbine Hall and Whitechapel Gallery’s retrospective of the artist’s career from the 1960s, you can enjoy two new coinciding exhibitions until May 13th. The Critical Edge at Pace London and My Birthday Puzzle at Modern Art focus on textile and mixed-material assemblages respectively.

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Studio Visit with Yelena Popova “The idea would be to make a work that disintegrates”

Yelena Popova, After image Installation View, Nottingham Contemporary 2016

Yelena Popova (b. 1978 Urals, Russia) is based in Cambridge for the year ahead at the Girton College residency. Her paintings are quickly associated with constructivism given the formal quality of her translucent geometric layers. These elusive paintings, however, are the entrance doorway to a distinct practice encompassing video and installation.

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Studio visit with Caragh Thuring

Caragh Thuring in the studio

Caragh Thuring’s (b. 1972) exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery opens today. A few weeks ahead of the opening, Thuring welcomed a small group into her studio. Her work was still in the final stages before completion. I was impressed to see an artist being open and candid about her working and thinking process at that nerve-wracking stage when things are coming together. A few paintings still unfinished were in the studio.

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