Studio Visit with Yelena Popova “The idea would be to make a work that disintegrates”

Yelena Popova, After image Installation View, Nottingham Contemporary 2016

Yelena Popova (b. 1978 Urals, Russia) is based in Cambridge for the year ahead at the Girton College residency. Her paintings are quickly associated with constructivism given the formal quality of her translucent geometric layers. These elusive paintings, however, are the entrance doorway to a distinct practice encompassing video and installation.

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Yaron Lapid: “The world is full of images, the trick is to interpret the existing ones”

Yaron Lapid in his studio

“I find images and I let them rest. Then at some point I know the feeling I am looking for or the idea I am after. I go through many different boxes of images that I have bought in markets or found somewhere, work them digitally… and when I see images together, I know where I need to go. Many times I am wrong; images don’t do what I thought they would and they don’t work; or they do work but not in the way I want.”

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